Our color line is the only ammonia-free, professional-only, permanent salon exclusive hair color utilizing natural oils that produce the healthiest, richest, colors imaginable.  Our ingredients are rich in certified organic ingredients, natural plant extracts, amino-acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients to make sure your hair is left as healthy and vibrant as possible.







Key Benefits:

It’s 100% Ammonia Free
The oil base of the color is alkaline so it raised the pH of the hair, but at the same time it acts as a conditioning agent softening the hair’s cuticle and allowing it to be opened with gentle heat. This eliminates the need for ammonia. Ammonia is a very effective way of opening the cuticle, however it opens the cuticle so much that while the color is going in, essential moisture and proteins are going out.


Lower Percentage of PPD’s

Eliminating the ammonia allows us to use the lowest percentage of PPD’s possible while still achieving a permanent result. Ammoniated color requires much higher loads of PPD’s since ammonia breaks down the natural pigments in the hair when mixed with peroxide. Therefore, ammoniated colors require a lot more pigment- otherwise it would all wash out at the shampoo bowl.  Although the amount of PPD is low enough for us to advertise our color as “PPD Free”, we feel that doing so would be disingenuous. Please note that all permanent hair colors contain some PPD’s because it is part of the actual pigment itself.


Contains Certified Organic Ingredients

It is the only color line available today with certified organically grown ingredients. It is as natural as possible, while still allowing you to obtain professional results.


Use of a Natural Alkaline Agent

Our organic line contains an alkaline agent that is naturally derived from coconut oil rather than ammonia or other synthetics as our pH adjuster.


Key Difference Between Our Color vs. Other Ammoniated Color

We commend other color lines that have removed ammonia from their formulas as it is an extremely harsh chemical and no longer needs to be in hair color. Unfortunately, the vast majority have replaced it with ethanolamine which poses no health concerns as long as the amount used is reasonable. However, because they are only replacing the ammonia with ethanolamine and with no other alkaline base, they are using a very high percentage and consequently have not decreased the pH level that the hair is taken to, so the same amount of damage is occurring.


Our Color Activators vs. other Peroxide Developers

All permanent hair colors contain oxidative pigments, which means that they have to come into contact with oxygen in order to materialize. Peroxide is simply H202. Water with an additional oxygen molecule that can be split off easily in order to activate the pigments. Our peroxide is pharmaceutical grade, which means it is the same peroxide found in eye drops, and therefore gentler than industrial grade peroxide.


With our OWAY organic color you can feel GOOD about looking GREAT! 


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