Verina | Owner

I believe that a healthy, green and organic lifestyle can be achieved without having to sacrifice beauty or quality. I have worked for years as a stylist at some of the top salons in Beverly Hills, and found myself at a crossroads. Why should I care for my body and the planet when I buy groceries, but inhale lung-gasping, ammonia-filled color at work?

I set out on a quest to find the best natural hair products on the market. After much research, I was thrilled to find OWAY by Simply Organic.  The colors are so rich and vibrant, and it even covers the most resistant grey hair! The color molecule is suspended in an oil base leaving the hair feeling soft and shiny. The best part? No ammonia to be inhaled! No itchy or stinging scalp! The perfect compliments to beautiful organic color are the natural hair products made possible by Bellegenza, Onesta, Neuma, and OWAY -  companies who are committed to quality and green living.

When you visit Verina Organic Salon, you will be treated to a first-class salon experience. The salon is bright, clean and beautiful. We have a refreshments station featuring organic treats and a wide selection of organic teas. The only thing making Verina Organic Salon different from your normal hair-care experience? There is no chemical hair color smell. But don’t worry - I don’t think you will miss it one bit.